1KAR ARMD SQN NCC: A Legacy of Excellence and Service

The 1KAR Armoured Squadron NCC, rooted in a rich history since its inception on June 12, 1962, has evolved through several redesignations to its current prestigious form. Initially known as the 1 Mysore Armoured Squadron NCC, it underwent changes to become the 21 Mysore Squadron NCC in December 1962, and later, the 1 KAR Armoured Squadron NCC on November 1, 1974. A brief period in April 2004 saw it renamed as 1 KAR (I) Company before reverting in September 2004. The squadron’s journey began under the command of Major S.K. Dhamija, marking the start of a legacy characterized by leadership, dedication, and distinction in the NCC.

Leadership and Evolution

The MES College troop of the 1KAR ARMD SQN NCC, under the leadership of Captain Arun Kumar P. from the Department of Economics, showcases the spirit of the NCC with a strong troop of 52 Senior Division Cadets. This unit embodies the NCC’s mission to groom future leaders through a comprehensive training regime and diverse activities that foster discipline, adventure, and societal contribution.

Training and Activities

Cadets undergo rigorous Institutional Training focusing on practical skills in both common and service-specific subjects, led by Associate NCC Officers and Armed Forces personnel. Camp Training offers cadets a glimpse into military life, enhancing their skills in teamwork, leadership, and self-reliance. Centrally Organised Camps such as Leadership Camps, Thal Sainik Camp, and the Republic Day Camp offer opportunities for national-level exposure, while Adventure Based Learning activities challenge cadets both physically and mentally.

Social Service and Community Development projects align with national initiatives, engaging cadets in Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Tree Plantation, and awareness campaigns. Sports form an integral part of the training, with cadets achieving national recognition in Football, Hockey, and Shooting.

Certifications and Achievements

The NCC’s certification program includes the ‘B’ and ‘C’ certificates, setting high standards for cadet participation and achievement. Cadets have made remarkable achievements, including commissioning in the Armed Forces, and excelling in national competitions.

Incentives and Opportunities

The NCC opens doors to numerous opportunities, offering job prospects, scholarships, and preferential treatment in armed forces recruitment for ‘C’ certificate holders. Both the Central and State Governments provide specific quotas in the Army, Navy, Air Force, and various other sectors, recognizing the value of NCC training.

The 1KAR ARMD SQN NCC’s journey is a testament to its commitment to excellence, adventure, and service to the nation. This legacy continues to inspire and shape the leaders of tomorrow, contributing significantly to the nation’s youth development and nation-building efforts.