Our alumni

Welcome to our Alumnus page, where we celebrate the achievements and successes of our esteemed graduates. Our alumni community is a testament to the impact of our institute, with graduates making strides in various fields around the world. Here, you can reconnect with former classmates, stay updated on alumni events, and share your own professional milestones.

Dr Prashanth Raju

"I spent two extremely valuable and golden years from 1991-1993 in this prestigious institution. This institution played an important role in building a solid foundation in early years of my life."

Ajay Puranik - (2010-2012)

"MES has given me beautiful moments of joy, happiness, fun and laughter which I will always cherish. The sense of belongingness one develops in this institution is magical. I proudly say that I have had the two best years of my life in MES, which I am deeply indebted for."

Sri Balaji Setlur - (PCME 2010-2012)

"Sports have always been close to my heart and the annual college sports day is something I will cherish. As I write this in Germany, pursuing my Masters, I am stuck by nostalgia. If you are still studying at MES make the most of your time and make memories, because THIS IS ALL YOU WILL REMEMBER."

Dr.Punith S B - General practitioner MBBS (BMCRI, Gold medalist)) (2010-2012)

"Words fail to describe two of the best years of my life. The amazing faculty managed to make the transition from school to college very smooth. I am grateful to this institution for laying a firm foundation for my academic career. If I was given a chance to do it all over again, I would undoubtedly choose MES again!"

Deeksha Sridhar - (2011-2013)

"This PU College ranks high on the list of PU colleges and I was lucky enough to have gotten a chance to study here. MES plays as much emphasis on extracurricular as it plays with curriculum."

Dr.Ajay Ramesh - (2011-13 Batch)

"The most wonderful thing about MES is its culture which seemingly blends, sports and academics. Here I interacted with the most culturally empowered and intellectually endowed teachers who always put wisdom before knowledge and taught us to do the same."

Mahendar Choudhary - Chartered Accountant (2012-2014)

"The best part of the MES College is about the lecturers being open minded, liberal, friendly and most supportive. The staff room doors were always open not just for clearing the academic doubts but also for solving riddles of life."

Chayashree.V - II PUC State 1st place (Commerce) Batch 2014-2016

"My stay at MES PU College was most memorable. I felt it was a cake walk because of very friendly teachers. We had many seminars conducted regarding our career and I attended most of them. It helped me for choosing my career as Chartered Accountant. "

Deekshith - (2011- 2013 batch) Actor

"While the race to be the best in academics is everywhere, MES also gives a strong emphasis on nurturing the cultural aspects of a person with the plethora of events that it organizes. The annual sports fest was one exhilarating experience."

Goutami P - (2013-2015 Batch) II PUC State 1st place (Science)

"The teachers were friendly and I could perceive the healthy environment of the college. The teachers made classes interesting, interactive and inspirational. Sometimes we even had seminars. They encouraged in all aspects. My achievement was honored by the GOVERNOR OF KARNATAKA."

Harshith Muppiri - Batch (2012- 2014)

"MES has a holistic approach in bringing up all-around development of an individual. It helps in transforming a student into an academically sound, culturally vibrant, ethically and socially responsible person. Through the NCC, I represented the State at the all India Republic Day Camp, Republic Day parade and the Prime Ministers rally in the year 2013. I was selected to represent India at the international youth exchange programme at Sri Lanka and was among the six ambassadors selected for the program from the entire country."

Hrishikesh Giridharan - (Batch: 2011-2013, Combination: HESPsy)

"MES College that allowed me to make something out of myself and gave me an opportunity that I always wanted to do."

Dr.Karthik Lakshmikanth - (2011-13 batch)

"Keeping aside the legacy, popularity and all the academic achievements of the college, MES has been a great nurturer of talents in the students. The college gave me wings to fly with confidence. Yes that's what I'm talking about FREEDOM AND SUPPORT from the college staff and management."

Kavya - (Arts Stream) (2008-2010 Batch)

"This college as they always provided value based education for wholesome development of the student. In all certainty the college has helped me develop a positive outlook towards the world and has taught me skills and technique to have an edge over the others."

Kiran Jayasurya

"A college with over a thousand students, one interacts with a lot of them and learns a lot of things even being aware of oneself."

Nityashree Yadunath

"My time at MES is marked by the friends that I will cherish forever, a sense of freedom and purpose I enjoyed, and most importantly, it led to self-discovery. It made me realize that creativity and imagination goes beyond the courses and that passion truly should drive your choice of profession."


"College just wasn't a place to get academic knowledge but to develop and mould one’s personality. "

Dr. Pavana.V - 4th Rank CET Gold medalist in Bio-chemistry

"I was a student of this prestigious and renowned institution from 2011-2013. Best things about MES and PU days were - Morning Prayer, practical classes, language periods. Discussing topics and MCQs with friends during leisure time and lots of extracurricular activities."


"I’m glad to be rewarded who I am today and I always remain grateful to this institution for its positive influence on my life. Life at MES College is a package of experiences. "

Prajwal M - (Batch 2011-2013) Officer cadet, Indian Navy

"MES is not just about studies, it gives opportunities for the all round development. As I was a sports freak, I got lot of chances to represent college in various sports events. I always had dream of becoming jetfighter pilot in armed forces and NCC made my dream come true as I became well versed with military surrounding."

Dr. Prerana N - (1 st Rank COMED -K 2009-2011 Batch)

"The legacy and spirit of MES College has always been to give back to the society. It has been a guiding principle in the choice of my career as a doctor.I joined Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute in the year 2011 and graduated with a medical degree in March 2017."

Dr. Raghav - Batch 2011-2013

"I believe that this college offers you a plethora of opportunities in curricular and co-curricular activities and provide a launch pad for the student community."

Dr.Ramya R - (1st Rank in CET – Medicine and II PUC State 1st Rank)

"‘Quality teaching’ the teachers stressed on. They emphasized on smartness in addition to hard work. The college fests and ethnic days in MES are unforgettable memories that I will cherish throughout my life. Studying amongst the smartest students of town also provided a healthy competition to excel in academics. We had well renowned faculty who patiently guided us through the complex coursework and inspired us to come out with flying colours."

Ranjitha R S (II PUC State 3rd Place –Commerce) (2011-2013 Batch)

"The teachers not only taught us how to excel academically but also instilled in us moral values. It gave us various opportunities, be it sports, dance or event management. Having said that I remember in one of the technical fests hosted by MES College, me and all my friends had volunteered; from start of the event to the end, each responsibility tau"ght us a new lesson.

Salman TBI - (2012-2013 Batch, PCME)

"MES College is not just a college for me! For that’s when my DREAMS began to blossom. I started believing in myself, I found a leader inside me. MES College gives plenty of opportunities. The support from faculty in various fields &management, launches a platform to a variety of talent-specially giving freedom to those who are in the right path towards their goals. MES stands the best in the field of education, Sports, Cultural Fest & lot more."

Suraj R S - (2012-2014 Batch) 3 rd Rank (B.Tech) CET – 2014

"Our teachers encouraged complete understanding of the subject, beyond textbooks. The teachers were easily approachable and gave personal attention that increased my bonding with them and also my love for science, while also teaching life lessons. The learning was duly complimented by the well-equipped library where I have spent countless hours."

Shwetha Devanahalli - (Playback singer)

"Every day as I walked into college, I felt as if I were entering a temple of knowledge, where each day began with two important values- prayer and discipline. MES as a College is known for its rich cultural ambience and artistic environment."

Pragna L Krupa - (2012-2014) (HESPsy) (JOURNALIST)

"The College helped me to find my passion for photography and my love for combat sports- boxing through which I gained more interest in mixed martial arts and self defense."

Dr. Varun Venkat Raghavan M S - (2009-2011)

"MES has been a hub of extracurricular and academic activities. The institution gives importance to fine arts, dance, music and sports. I honestly miss the morning prayers."